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Hitch Covers - Defending Your Hitch from The Elements

Unless you have a tow hitch that is completely hidden away, a hitch cover acts as an additional shield against the inevitable wear and tear of life on the open road. While some of us might use our tow hitches occasionally, others use them with regularity, and a hitch cover helps keep your hitch and tow vehicle looking great. In this article we’ll look at what hitch covers are, why they’re important, and the different types of covers available.

What is a Hitch Cover?

A hitch cover is basically a cover or shield placed over the exposed portion of a trailer hitch. They are designed to protect your hitch receiver and pin from the elements, such as dirt, rain, snow, and UV damage. There are many styles and designs available to match your existing vehicle, ranging from simple plastic covers to more elaborate aluminum or stainless steel ones.

Why Are Hitch Covers Important?

Beyond giving your trailer hitch a nice aesthetic touch, hitch covers can help protect your trailer and tow vehicle from rust and corrosion caused by water, dirt and debris. If you regularly tow, these covers can be especially helpful in keeping your hitch free from scratches and dents. The added layer of protection also helps extend the lifespan of your hitch as well.

Types of Hitch Covers

There are many types of hitch covers available on the market and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and prices. Depending on your preference and budget, you can find light-weight plastic covers, aluminum ones with airbrushed designs, realistic emblems that look like resin, and even decorative iron castings. You can choose a cover with your favorite team logo, or any other design that suits your style. You can even get hitch covers that light up, adding a custom touch to your ride.


Hitch covers are a great way to spice up your tow vehicle, while protecting your trailer and tow vehicle from the harsh environment. They are available in a variety of materials, sizes and designs to suit your needs. Choose one that enhances your vehicle and gives it some extra protection against the elements!

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