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Car Cradles & Mounts: Benefits & Options

Car Cradles and Mounts offer a variety of benefits to car owners. Not only do they provide safe and convenient places to store cell phones and other devices while driving, but they also ensure the driver keeps their eyes on the road, reducing the risk of distraction-related accidents.

Car cradles and mounts have several benefits. First, they keep the driver’s hands on the wheel, which helps prevent distractions. They also provide easy access to the phone or device for calls, messages, and navigation. Lastly, by securely holding the device in place, it is less likely to be damaged from being dropped or knocked over.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to car cradles and mounts. The most common type of mount is one that attaches to the dashboard or windshield using a suction cup or adhesive pad. These are relatively inexpensive and convenient, but they can be difficult to remove and often leave marks behind. For a more permanent solution, there are mounts that attach to the dashboard or center console using screws.

Another option is a magnetic mount. These types of mounts use magnets to hold the device in place without the need for an adhesive or screws. This makes them easy to install and remove, and they won’t leave any residue behind. Magnetic mounts are also typically more secure than suction cup or adhesive mounts, making them a good choice for heavier devices like tablets.

For drivers who want to keep their devices out of sight, there are hidden mounts. These types of mounts are designed to be installed in tight spaces like the glove box or door pocket, keeping the device from view while still providing easy access.

Finally, there are wireless mounts. These are typically mounted on the dashboard or windshield and use infrared or Bluetooth technology to detect the device and hold it in place. Wireless mounts are convenient and secure, but they usually come with an added expense.

Regardless of which type of mount you choose, it’s important to make sure the cradle or mount fits your device properly. It should provide an adequate grip while still allowing the device to be removed easily. Additionally, check the specifications of the device before purchasing, as some cradles and mounts may not support all sizes and brands.

Car cradles and mounts are a great way to stay connected while driving. Not only do they provide a safe and convenient place to store your phone or device, but they also reduce the risk of distraction-related accidents. With the wide range of options available, it’s easy to find one that fits your device, budget, and lifestyle.

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